Aa Dekhen Zara

aa dekhen zara’ directed by Jehangir Surti is said to be a thriller but the film lacks the gripping element that thriller usually have. It is a simple story somewhat fantasy that not usually happens in the real life. If the first part is engrossing then the second part is very loose not at all spellbinding. ‘’ is not at all a hardcore entertainment product and can be called half baked. Though it is regarded thriller, tension, fear, danger is missing and the story rolls on in a very simple way. 

Logic is missing in the film, just to refresh your mind you can go and view the film. You need not have to brainstorm to find its end. Synchronization is missing. A valuable possession that sees the future and how dacoit falls behind the man to snatch away his precious thing forms the story. It tells how a simple camera changes the destiny of a man and how his life takes a U-turn.
promises an interesting thriller, highly promoted but failed to keep its promise and also failed to achieve its goal.

The story encircles around Ray Acharya (
) and his unique magical camera that can see the future which he has possessed from his grandfather (Bishwajit). Nothing was happening in Raj’s life who is a freelance wild-life photographer, seeking for job. His life took a complete turn when he discovered that the camera that he possesses has the ability to show the future. As per the reading of the camera, Ray started to bet on horses, lotteries and stock market through photographs. Money flowed enormously and he started to enjoy his life to the fullest with girlfriend Simi () who works as a DJ in a night club.

Ray and Simi started to devote time on party, enjoyment and traveling with least acquainted about the fact that danger was chasing Ray. One fine day, Ray came across one hard truth of his impending death through his camera. When the truth of his camera disclosed to the world, many mischievous people tried to grab it. One such evil force was one Captain (Rahul Dev). To save the camera, Ray kept the camera in a safe custody. Then started the rollercoaster journey of Ray and Simi as how they come out victorious from the evil forces.  

Speaking about performances, Neil Nitin Mukhesh who has performed stupendously well in Johnny Gaddar failed to rock this time. He proved stale in his second film with no expression and thrill. His acting was plain and charm-less. Comparatively, Bipasha was good though she did not get enough scope to act. She is genius in enacting thriller and it would be better if some more responsibility been entrusted on her. Rahul Dev was just OK. Sophie Chaudhary who played a R. A. W. agent in the film is just wasted.

Director Jehangir Surti requires some more experience to make a hardcore thriller.  Gourav Dasgupta’s club numbers are situational and good enough. Pritam’s tracks are also decent hearing.  

In the nutshell,
is an average flick. The box office collection will also not be promising. The audience will go to watch the movie with higher anticipation but the film will only dishearten them.