A Wednesday

A Wednesday is a thought provoking subject. Its message is straight and makes you experience some dreaded incidents. This weekend has been a showering of terrorism plotline and also belongs to this genre of movie. To heighten the interest level of the audience through terrorist plotline is a very difficult task especially for a debutante director but Neeraj Pandey has executed the plot remarkably well. He deserves full credit. The film sans song and dance but still able to grip the interest level of the audience.

has been planned, executed and depicted exceptionally well. The plot is the USP of the movie and the debutante director has headed the storyline in a right way. In spite of devoid of any grand affair and sizzling stars, the movie came out beatifically as experienced actors like and has showed their potency of portraying any role with ease. No complaints from the acting department. The content is very powerful and through the promotion of the film is kept to the minimal, it outshines in every department.

The story speaks about one dark Wednesday when the Commissioner of Police, Prakash Rathod played dynamically by received a crank call from an unidentified man. The blackmailer informed him about the bombs which has been planted in different parts of the city to destroy the life and property of the people. In return the anonymous person demanded release of the four most wanted militants who were responsible for much havoc throughout. At first, the commissioner thought the call to be some hoax but when he unplanted bomb in the police station right opposite his police headquarters, he took the call seriously. Prakash has got only few hours to take action and helped in his endeavor was his colleagues played by Aamir Bashir and . Prakash even hired a hacker to trace the call as well as the caller.  

The story takes a U turn when the anonymous caller identified as . He executed everything from the terrace of an under construction building. The disclosure of his identification is the climax of the movie and touted to be a breakthrough. As the plot unfolds, it grips your interest.

Speaking about the performances, every character is first rate. To comment on the acting capability of the top-notch actors like and will be just injustice. They are an experienced actor and again showed their acting prowess. While watching them portraying their character, you will feel that no other actor can be best suited on that particular role. Jimmy Sheirgill has enacted his role well. Aamir Bashir is up to the mark. plays her part with poise. Chetan Pandit, as the Chief Minister, is effectual. Kali Prasad Mukherjee plays perfectly the role of a powerful terrorist. Fuwad Khan’s cinematography is creditable, looks like genuine plot.

In a nutshell, is not a commercial film and may not lure the entertainer seeker. But the film is worth watching and if you have missed the film this weekend then you should surely need to watch it next weekend because the film deserves to be watched and credited.