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New Mommies of 2014

2014 brought the joy of motherhood to many Bollywood celebs. Here are the new mommies of this year: 1.Veena Malik: She married businessman Asad in 2013 in Dubai and gave birth to son Abram Khan Khattak on the September 23rd 2014. She gathe ... read more

Veena Malik blames ex-boyfriend for ‘anti-India’ tweet

Pakistani model-actress Veena Malik is in the news for her anti-India tweet. The controversial actress, who just got married to Dubai-based businessman, on Sunday, accused her former boyfriend Prashant Singh of hacking into her Twitter account and using it to post anti-India tweets. Veena was tre ... read more

Married Veena Malik pregnant with ex-flame's child

Every newly married couple expects life to be a bed of roses until they become the old ball and chain. But it already spells trouble for Veena Malik who recently married Dubai based businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak on December 25, 2013. Prashant Pratap Singh, alleged ex-lover and once ... read more

Veena Malik sentenced 26 years jail term

Pakistani starlet Veena Malik and her husband Bashir along with the owner of Pakistan's biggest media group, Geo TV was sentenced 26 years jail term for airing a blasphemous programme on TV. Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, owner of Geo and Jang group was accused of airing an irreligious programme ... read more

Veena Malik Becomes Mother of a Baby Boy

Veena Malik, the controversial Pakistani model-actress has given birth to a bonny baby boy in the USA. The delivery took place at Virginia Hospital Center in Washington DC. Asad Bashir, the husband of Veena broke the news on Twitter and posted the photo of the baby. He posted, “Thank you Allah Pa ... read more

Veena Malik shocked over 26 years jail sentence

Model cum actress Veena Malik is in a state of shock after Pakistan court sentenced Veena and her husband Asad Bashir Khan 26 years jail term. "I am shocked to hear about the decision. This is probably the fastest court trial because it started two months ago when I was in the US. I wasn' ... read more

Newly wedded Veena Malik threatens former live-in partner

Pakistani actress Veena Malik sure knows how to hit the news. This time she has embroiled her allegedly ex-lover in controversy. Veena Malik recently got married to a businessman in Dubai. Soon after, her former live-in partner, Prashant Pratap Singh filed a complaint against her in the Aa ... read more

Veena Malik gets married again

Pakistani actress Veena Malik made her childhood dream become a reality by having a fairytale white wedding and people saw her as a picture-perfect bride in a white dress at the reception on a cruise-liner off the US, attended by family and friends. Sources say the white reception was held ... read more

Veena Malik’s ‘India Sucks’ tweet creates ruckus

Newly wedded Pakistani starlet Veena Malik hit the news for all the wrong reasons yet again. Her latest anti-India tweets went viral on net and created uproar all over the country. The account which has over one lakh followers has sent out this controversial tweet right after re-tweeting a post a ... read more

Veena Malik quits showbiz post marriage

Pakistani actress cum seductress has made an announcement that she is quitting commercial films. She aims to take part in projects which have a religious message or social messages. She has made this choice as per the guidance of an Islamic cleric and she said he had changed her life completely. ... read more