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Saif Ali Khan reacts on Sonu Nigam’s ‘Azaan’ tweet

Without taking Sonu Nigam’s side unswervingly, actor Saif Ali Khan commented that religion should be a private affair. He too expressed his displeasure on using microphones at religious places. But at the same time he believed that the singer’s tweet was big harsh initially. Talking ... read more

I love Azaan, Kangana on Sonu Nigam’s Azaan controversy

Kangana Ranaut, who is outspoken and known to speak her mind out has expressed her opinion on Sonu Nigam’s Azaan controversy. The ‘Queen’ actress said that she loved any religious activity, “be it any gurudwaras, temples or mosques” Kangana, who recently walked the ramp at the Aditya Birla ... read more

Security beefs up outside Sonu Nigam’s residence

Sonu Nigam’s latest tweet on morning azaan has invited trouble for him. He has hurt the sentiments of Muslim people and a senior Muslim leader has issued fatwa against him. In protest against Sonu’s tweet, a mass rally will be organized at Rani Rashmoni Avenue in central Kolkata. In wake of the b ... read more

Sonu Nigam quits Twitter; shows support to Abhijeet, Paresh Rawal

Singer Sonu Nigam, who recently stirred a controversy with his tweets on ‘Azaan’, has quit the micro-blogging site today, after Twitter suspended singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s account. He also mentioned Paresh Rawal’s Arundhati Roy tweet while explaining the reason for his quitting Twitter. ... read more

Azaan controversy: Fatwa issued against Sonu Nigam

Playback singer Sonu Nigan received flak from several corners after he made objectionable comment on morning azaan. Muslim religious and political leaders highly condemned Sonu’s remark and on Tuesday a senior member of a minority council issued a fatwa against the singer. ... read more

Photos: Sonu Nigam shaves off head, asks to pay Rs 10 lakh

Bollywood playback singer Sonu Nigam chops off hair during a press conference at his Versova residence. He has done this in response to a reward declared by a Maulvi in West Bengal. The cleric announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh rupees to anyone who managed to shave the singer's head, put a garland ... read more