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Dimpy Ganguly claims she and Rahul are fine

Just one day after the link-up stories of Rahul Mahajan and Payal Rohatgi blew up, Rahul’s wife Dimpy Ganguly came forward and reacted to the report. She raised her voice in defend of her hubby. Dimpy said, “Both Rahul and I had a good laugh over it. It’s so insignificant that ...read more

Rahul Mahajan to end his marriage with Dimpy

Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly who married live on the show, ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega’ in NDTV Imagine are going through rough weather. Their marriage is in trouble. The couple is heading for splitville. That their marriage is in troubled water is confirmed when Rahul Mahajan is a...read more

Rahul promised Dimpy a massage on honeymoon

Rahul Mahajan’s casanova nature doesn’t bother Dimpy and Rahul too is very lenient towards his wife and he is least bothered about Dimpy’s dare bare shoot and hot scenes. Rahul comes in defend of his wife when media raised questions about her career and hot avatar. Dimpy loves ...read more

Rahul Mahajan is fine with Dimpy’s bikini shoot

Newly married Rahul Mahajan is fed up with media chasing him with the question of his wife bold scenes, career and bikini shoots. He put a full stop to all those questions by saying that he has no problem with Dimpy’s profession and bikini shoots. He further defended his wife in the...read more

Mrs. Rahul Mahajan’s real identity revealed

We all know Dimpy Ganguly (now Dimpy Mahajan) as a model cum actress but now her real identity is revealed. Dimpy is a daring girl who exposed herself in Bengali films ‘Hello Memsahab’. She is an ian item girl who has done many latkas and jhatkas in films. He has done some daring hot...read more

Rahul Mahajan married to Bengali girl Dimpy

Rahul Mahajan finally gets hitched to Bengali girl Dimpy Ganguly from Kolkata. On 6th March, Rahul in the witness of many guests wedded to Dimpy Ganguly on national television. Present on the occasion was Dimpy’s family and Rahul’s mother and grandmother. Soon after the Sw...read more

Who will be Mrs Mahajan? Nikunj, Dimpy or Harpreet

Rahul Mahajan’s big day is here. He is getting married today and with his marriage the reality show 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega' will come to an end. With much gaiety, the mehendi and sangeet ceremony concluded. NDTV Imagine’s big family took part in the sangeet and the three ...read more

Rahul Mahajan to wed despite uncle’s death

Rahul Mahajan is undeterred with the demise of his uncle Pravin Mahajan. He was cremated during the mehendi ceremony and Rahul Mahajan will be getting married during the Chautha of his uncle. There will be no change in his wedding plans. Rahul is unaffected with the death of his uncle who was in...read more