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Lisa Ray moves on in life boldly

Model cum actress Lisa Ray revealed the hard truth of her life that she is suffering from incurable cancer. Despite knowing the end, Lisa did not cut ties from the outside world and confined herself to the four more

Lisa Ray suffering from cancer

Kasoor actress Lisa Ray has been suffering from an incurable cancer. She is diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma - an incurable cancer of White Blood Cells. Lisa spoke extensively about her disease in her blog, & more

Lisa Ray turns lesbian

Lisa Ray who is best remembered for the Oscar nominee Deepa Mehta’s Oscar is again hitting the headlines for her lesbian role in ‘The World Unseen’ and ‘I Can’t Think Straight’ more

Bollywood not hot for Lisa

Gorgeous model-turned-actress Lisa Ray, who has surfaced here after a long time, says she will not sign a Bollywood film till the industry becomes more more