All About Imam Siddique

Salman threatens to beat Imam Siddique

Fashion and style expert Imam Siddiqui and Salman Khan turned rivals. Imam’s bizarre and rude behavior has not only miffed the co-contestants but the host and superstar Salman Khan also miffed with Imam. It is reported that frustrated Salman threatened to beat Imam after the show ends. Acc ... read more

Imam Siddique takes a dig at Shahrukh Khan

Imam Siddique was the most hated celebrity in the “Bigg Boss” house this season. However, from outside, viewers found him to be the most amusing. After a week of the show getting over, Imam Siddique who became the runner-up has been offered “Nautanki”. This is going to be the channel’s newest sho ... read more

Bigg Boss 6 Reaches its Finale

“Bigg Boss 6” started with a bang, and can also be expected to end with a bang this Saturday. A bevy of contestants thronged into the house in October. Sporadically as well some contestants entered the show. With only few hours left for the finals, the house is left with only four participants. ... read more

Bigg Boss 6: Imam Siddique puts into secret chamber

“Bigg Boss 6”- Alag Che is coming to a wrap on the 12th of January. With only a few days to go until the finale the “Bigg Boss” house was supposed to contain only a few contestants but this year there are 7 contenders still in the running to win the title. Therefore the situation ... read more

Bigg Boss 9: Imam Siddiqui enters with challenges for housemates

Ex ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Iman Siddiqui enters the ‘Bigg Boss 9’ house as a guest on the penultimate week of the reality show. The flamboyant fashion stylist was one of the most controversial inmates of the sixth edition of the show. Iman, known for his crazy antics will be inside the hous ... read more

Bigg Boss 9: Wild card entrant Priya Malik becomes next finalist

Wild card contestant Priya Malik has earned a spot in the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 9’. Ex ex-Bigg Boss contestant Imam Siddiqui selected the Australia-based teacher to join Prince Narula in the finale of the reality show after a series of tasks. Imam was vested with the special power to choose the se ... read more

Bigg Boss 9: Prince breaks down remembering Yuvika

It was an eventful day in the Bigg Boss house as Prince breaks down at the mention of Yuvika, while Rochelle gets upset with her boyfriend Keith. Mandana also gets into a verbal duel with Rishabh, even as Imam irritates everyone as a part of task. Mandana is discussing with Prince about Ri ... read more

I am not a psycho, says Imam Siddique

Bigg Boss season 6 has been given the tagline-“Alag che”- and is clearly living up to its true sense. There are 7 contestants in the house with the finale just round the corner. The melodrama of the contestants is therefore very intense currently. On the New Year Imam was kidnapped by the ... read more