Himesh Reshammiya News

Aishwarya wins worst actress award

Bollywood actors are acknowledge with awards for their best work but have you ever heard that actors are dishonored for their flops and worst offerings. A special Ghanta award has been given to Bollywood actors for their flops. Recently, the committee members of Ghanta Awards announced th...read more

Married Himesh having an affair with TV actress

Singer cum actor Himesh Reshammiya is having an affair with television actress Sonia Kapoor and in spite of knowing the fact his wife Komal has no any objection regarding the presence of second woman in his life. Komal and Sonia are fine with each other. Even Himesh Rehammiya’s parents are...read more

Himesh Reshammiya undergoes vocal surgery

Next time when you will hear Himesh Reshammiya, you will find hard to recognize his voice as the singer cum actor has undergone voice modulation. Himesh who loves experimenting new things has undergone vocal chor...read more

Himesh Reshammiya refuses to do lovemaking scene in Kajra Re

Many actresses refuse to do love-making scenes or on-screen kisses with their co-stars. Even Shahrukh Khan has refused to do an on-screen kiss, and now it seems another budding star Himesh Reshammiya has refused to a lovemaking scene for Pooja Bhatt's next film Kajra Re. The scene has now been dropp...read more