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The Mismatched Couples of Bollywood

Nobody is perfect; this goes out to the film makers as well. Casting directors throughout the ages have made major blunders when choosing their main lead. Take the recent movie Robot for example. With due respect to the Tamil superstar Rajnikant, Aishwarya Rai did not seem his better half from more

Politics & Bollywood

Nowadays a very common and popular trend that is visible is the involvement of the Bollywood actors in politics. They are mostly seen during the elections, which is a brilliant way to fetch more votes from the fans of the respective actors. However, here is the account of some Bollywood stars more

Get the Real Names of Reel Celebs

For celebs, as if everything turns to be reel after landing in the B-town. So do their real names. Yes, there are many celebrities who have changed their names. Want to check them out? Let’s go! Sunny Leone more

Leading political campaigners from Bollywood

Politics and celluloid shares an interesting nexus. Many a sinking star from the planet Bollywood seeks solace in it during the twilight of their career. Accustomed to the glories of pelf and power, politics has come as a suitable platform for them to hold all aces 1.  Big more

Govinda’s sister passes away

It was a sad day for Bollywood actor Govinda. His sister Pushpa passed away due to massive heart attack this evening. She was 68. She breathed her last at her Lokhandwala residence in suburban Mumbai. On hearing the news of his sister’s demise, Govinda rushed to be with his more

The gradually fading stars of Bollywood

Bollywood is an industry where many talented and skilful actors and actresses were born. Some made their presence felt in the industry for a long time but many of them had a very short stay in this glamorous industry. Here are a few Bollywood stars who should actually bid goodbye to more

Top 5 dancing heroes of Bollywood

Bollywood films are not only a story based show of 3hrs but a complete package of song and dance. Jeetendra to Mithun Chakravarti all had an unique style of dancing. Shammi Kapoor too has been an inspiration to many including one of the heroes of today like Hrithik Roshan. 1. more

Top 5 Comedians of the Present Day Bollywood

All the actors agree that making people laugh is the toughest challenge of their acting career. Let’s take a look at the actors who have always made us love and made the big screen much much more enjoyable and a fun fare. 1. Paresh Rawal more

Salman, Govinda break friendship

Things are not very well between two thick friends Salman Khan and Govinda. Together, Salman and Govinda delivered many hits but now they are not in good terms. The bone of contention is said to be Govinda’s daughter Narmmadaa. Few years back, Sallu Miya has promised Govinda a spectacular more