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New mom Arpita Khan lashes out at haters on Instagram

Celebrities keep in reach out to their fans through social media, but there are some people who take pleasure in making nasty remarks about the celebs on the platform. Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma recently became the target of such Internet trolls. Arpita and her husband Aayush ... read more

New Photo: Arpita and Aayush’s cute baby Ahil

Arpita and Aayush Sharma’s bundle of joy Ahil is the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. The new video of Ahil will melt your heart. Proud father Aayush posted the video on social media which shows Ahil changing face from confused to smiling state in a fraction of seconds.   ... read more

Arpita Khan, Aayush Sharma share baby Ahil’s photo

Arpita Khan Sharma and Aayush Sharma became proud parents of a baby boy, named Ahil on 30th March post the baby birth, Aayush and Arpita, who is very active on social media, shared the pictures of their loving son. In one pictures, Ahil is seen in deep sleep wearing a shirt, sta ... read more

Arpita-Aayush leaves Hinduja hospital with their baby

New mom Arpita Khan Sharma leaves Hinduja hospital with her newborn. The baby’s father Aayush Sharma posed with Arpita, the baby and Arpita’s doctor. While leaving Arpita hugs her doc. Arpita looked lovely in a blue maxi dress while Aayush dressed in white tee and demins. Aayush carried A ... read more

Arpita Khan Sharma shares fan moment with Dwayne Johnson

Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan Sharma lived a fan moment with the well-known Hollywood actor and former WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson, all thanks to Priyanka Chopra. The ‘Jai Gangaajal’ actress who is making her Hollywood debut with the 'San Andreas' actor in ‘Baywatch’ has fixed the meeting. ... read more

Aayush Sharma shares pouty photo of baby Ahil

Highly delighted father Aayush Sharma shares pouty picture of his newborn son, Ahil Sharma. The picture is quite adorable and Aayush captioned it, Thanks Ahil for teaching me how to Pout. Aayush Sharma and Arpita were blessed with a baby boy on April 30 and post the baby birth, Aayush and Arpita ... read more

First picture of Arpita and Aayush Sharma’s baby is out

Arpita Khan Sharma and Aayush Sharma became proud parents of a baby boy this morning. They named their bundle of joy Ahil. It was a moment of joy for both the families. The first picture of Ahil is doing all round the net. It would be too early to say but Ahil looks more like his father. The firs ... read more