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Controversial ‘PK’ Poster Shot Two Years Ago?

Aamir Khan’s nude poster of his upcoming film ‘PK’ has managed to capture attention of the nation. Not just the Bollywood fraternity but the general public as well was taken aback with this unconventional poster. Social media has been flooded with discussions, jokes and memes about this poster. N...read more

Second ‘PK’ poster to come out on 15th August

While he may act in only film every year, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan knows how to make the most of it. ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ has his film ‘PK’ releasing on 19th December. The first poster from the film was revealed days ago and it has since then created quite a buzz. The poster shows Aamir Khan...read more

Aamir Khan defends nude ‘PK’ poster

Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s nude PK poster has created furor all over and a case was also filed against him and the makers of the film for promoting nudity and vulgarity and following which the poster of PK was removed from theatres. After maintaining a dignified silence over the matter, for the f...read more

Salman and Aamir bond over drinks

Bollywood is a place where rivalry between the stars is a common phenomenon. Therefore the stories of camaraderie between two leading stars of the industry are like the whiff of fresh air. Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are two such contemporary cine stars who are having a great bond of friendship be...read more

Shahrukh Khan pitted against Aamir’s nude poster

Aamir Khan’s nude PK poster has invited controversy. The social networking site is bombarded with Aamir Khan’s nude poster joke. The PK poster got mixed review. It also ran into legal trouble. Some go gaga over Aamir’s nude poster while some section of the society strongly reacted. Shahrukh Khan ...read more

The jokes on Aamir Khan’s nude PK poster go viral

Aamir Khan is known to pull any difficult role with ease. His nude PK poster is creating a lot of buzz. No sooner the poster is released online, twitteratis posted interesting tweets about the nude poster. Here are few funny tweets:- Sorabh Pant@hankypanty ...read more

Karan Johar denies signing Salman, Aamir for 300 crore

In the Bollywood industry, rumors and contradictory reports are a common thing. Often we hear information about developing projects which are later found out to be false. Then again sometimes the so called rumors are found to be correct. Filmmakers and producers often rue these days that ...read more

First Look: Aamir Khan completely poses nude for PK

It was reported earlier that Aamir Khan will shed his clothes for the first poster of PK and now the makers of PK have released the first poster of the film which shows Aamir Khan goes completely nude for Rajkumar Hirani’s PK. The perfectionist was seen standing on a railway track posing ...read more

Aamir Khan speaking Bhojpuri after ‘P.K’

Aamir Khan is known to go to great lengths for a faithful portrayal of the character he is playing. While doing his landmark film ‘Lagaan’, he learnt the Avadhi dialect for his rural character. For the film ‘Talaash’ he learnt Marathi and also swimming for the underwater shots. A source close to ...read more