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November 25

Katrina knows Salman’s weakness

Only a nearest and dearest one can know his or her weakness. Though Bollywood hunk Salman Khan pretends to be very strong and bold, he too falls weak in many circumstances and who can know his weakness in a better way other than his beau, Katrina Kaif.  Speaking to a tabloid, Katrina revealed her beau’s biggest weakness. "He (Salman) likes to act tough but it is so easy to win him over. Anyone

Bebo, Saif to share same room

Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor is all set to take their relationship to a new level. The madly in love couple left an impression that they will together move to a new apartment which is specially designed by Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle. "I have told Saif that I will be giving him points while working with him for Karan's film and only after the schedule is over will I decide whether he ha

SRK, Gauri to appear in court

In relation to the defamation case filed by veteran actor Manoj Kumar, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri was asked to appear in the court. Along with them, Farah Khan was also being asked to remain present before it on February 22 for Om Shanti Om where Manoj Kumar's replica played by Shahrukh Khan was shown beaten up by police guard when he tried to enter the movie premiere.The aged actor was deeply humili

Sallu doesn't mind Kat romancing Akki

Though Salman is regarded as the bad boy of the industry, he doesn't turn furious when he looks at his ladylove Katrina Kaif romancing stunt hero Akshay Kumar. Kat has delivered one after another hit with Akki and Salman instead of breaking his head over the matter seems happy for Kat who is shining bright as an actress in tinselville. In a recent interview, Salman also praises Akshay for his growth over the

King Khan shoots ad at home

Bollywood icon Shahrukh Khan is one of the busiest men of the Hindi film industry. He works 24/7 and hardly finds time to spend with wife and children. Most of the time he remains away from home in relation to work. Unable to being with family for longer, Shahrukh has found a new way to remain connected with family. He has decided to shoot commercial from his home Mannat only. He has designed his

Akki continues to be with Cola

Action king Akshay Kumar's glory is increasing over the years and endorsers does not want to lose him at any cost. He has been endorsing Thumbs Up for four years and will continue to do so. The Cola company has renewed their contact with him. A source reveals, "Action has always been Akki's forte and the Thumbs Up commercials use that point to maximum advantage. Presently, the creative team i

November 24

Gauri is like my soul mate, Karan Johar

Filmmaker Karan Johar is known to make films larger than life. Lavish set, big star cast, exotic locales, interesting themes is the USP of his flick. Karan always makes film with bundle of stars and one actor which is a must in his flick is the Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. He is not only linked with SRK and his wife Gauri professionally but their personal relationship is also very strong. King Khan is

Richard Branson feels Priyanka is Goddess

When Priyanka Chopra walked the red carpet for a gala opening of a Billion Dollar state of the art Hotel in Dubai, she was least aware of the fact that she would receive one most fabulous compliment from a Hollywood personality, Richard Branson. Her personality, smile, attitude, fashion statement everything impressed Branson so much that he regarded Priyanka as Goddess."You’re the only

A new gal on Salman’s arm

As we all know Katrina Kaif played Salman’s love interest in Yuvraaj but the serene beauty was missing from the promotional event and rather another new babe was seen on his arm. She is his new heroine Zarine Khan who resemblance very much like Katrina Kaif. Kat was away from the event as she was busy shooting for Raj Kumar Santoshi’s film at Yash Raj Studios till late that evening.Any

Kareena dons Sarah Jessica’s look

After garnering huge accolades for size zero in Tashan, slick beauty Kareena Kapoor is all set to don a new look which is said to be inspired from Sarah Jessica Parker of ‘Sex And The City’. After Posh (size zero), it’s now Parker’s look that Bebo is dieing to take up in her next film titled Kambakht Ishq opposite Akshay Kumar.To don Parker’s look was actually suggest

SRK, Gauri hold a lavish party

King Khan and wife Gauri played the role of a perfect host for Hollywood biggies like Robert De Niro, Gerard Butler, Mischa Barton, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kylie Minogue, Charlize Theron, Lindsay Lohan, Wesley Snipes, tycoon Richard Branson and some of SRK’s close friends from B-Town like Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan, Arjun and Mehr Rampal and Farhan Akhtar at the Billion Dollar hotel in Dubai. It was a grand p

Kanav is not gay, Amisha Patel

Bollywood actor Amisha Patel started dating businessman Kanav Puri after dumping producer Vikram Bhatt. Everything was going fine until one day a mail circulated on the internet telling that her boyfriend Kanav is a gay. This shocking e-mail created a scratch in their love relationship but after scrutiny, Amisha found that it is a bad joke from an unidentified personal. The actress says, "Kan

November 23

Ash, Abhi not comfortable with each other

Aishwarya and Abhishek starred in many films together but still Abhi gets disturbed with wife’s present. It was clearly noticed on the set of Dilli 6 when he was unable to perform a simple stunt scene and became nervous looking at Ash. She without informing Abhi suddenly dropped on the set of Dilli 6.    From that incident, the cast and the crew came to know that the couple is

Kangana poses for Seventeen

Sultry actress Kangana Ranaut posed for the cover page of fashion magazine Seventeen. After delivering one after another hit, the actress became the hot favorite of fashion magazines and her latest hit Fashion brings her way lots of promising offers. By featuring for Seventeen, she has replaced many well-known actresses. Kangana’s performance in Fashion was highly acclaimed and she has hit the popularit

Ash flies off to celebrate dad’s birthday

Former miss world and Bollywood actress Aishwarya Bachchan’s father Krishnaraj Rai's celebrated his 70th birthday on Thursday. Unfortunately, he was not keeping well for quite sometime and Ash who was shooting in the deep jungle of Kochi flew off to be by the side of her ail father on that special day. Says a source, "Although Aishwarya has been her thoroughly professional self througho

November 22

Aamir gets a lean and thin look

Perfectionist Aamir Khan can go to any extent to make his role just right. He dons his physical feature according to the need of the flick. If he has easily gained weight and acquired huge abs for Ghajini where he is playing a psycho killer, Aamir has taken no time to shed his mammoth flab for Raj Kumar Hirani's 3 Idiot where he is playing a college going student who gives more priority to friends than parent

November 20

Kat shares intimate scene with Sallu

Serene beauty Katrina Kaif is climbing the ladder of success very fast. After winning accolades for Race and Singh Is Kinng, she is looking forward to Yuvraaj which is ready to hit the marquee. She is partly optimistic and partly nervous about Yuvraaj and as for the first time she is deeply involve in intimate scene with beau Salman Khan.  In an interview Katrina said, "Some of the most

Konkona Sen turns lesbian

Very few actresses get the scope of enacting different roles in a short period of her filmy career but Konkona Sen Sharma has been blessed with such opportunity. She is sanctified with versatile characters. Konkona Sen Sharma has portrayed many challenging roles in films. She is remembered for her dynamic performance in Life In a Metro, Omkara, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, Page 3, 15 Park Avenue and the list goes on. S

Saif to take Bebo to his ancestral village

Bebo is now part of Saif’s family. She is the choice of Saif’s parents and sister too. To make Kareena feel the warmth of his full-size Nawabi family, Kareena was invited to the ancestral village Pataudi in Haryana. Every year during winter, the family members which are scattered around the globe unite to spend great time together. Though Bebo is yet to become Chotte Nawab’s begum, she has b

When Hrithik turned emotional

When Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan stepped into Nanavati Hospital, he turned emotional. Past memory of incompetence strikes his mind when he visited the Audio and Speech therapy wing at the Nanavati Hospital and donated Rs. 2 million for the treatment of special children.Very few know that during childhood, Hrithik suffered from speech impairment. He used to stammer while talking. He walked down t

Ash laughs at Abhi

Former Miss World and Bahu of the Bachchan family, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is more than happy with the success of her hubby. Abhishek's last flick Drona failed to create magic at the box office but he had bounced back with Dostana. The film dealing with gay factor impressed one and all and Ash could not stop praising her dearest husband for his fabulous performance which made her laugh to the utmost.

November 19

Saif to marry Kareena shortly

Though many times, Kareena and Saif’s marriage news circulated in air, Chotte Nawab at last spill the beams and satisfied the thirst of those who are longing to know when Bollywood’s most desirable couple will tie the knot. So this is for you all hungry guys. The breaking news is that Saif declared that he is going to get married to his sweetheart very soon. "This relationship is

Bebo in bikini

After receiving rave reviews for flaunting size zero in bikini in Tashan, Kareena Kapoor will again be seen in two-piece for an underwater scene in her upcoming movie, Kambhaqt Ishq. The movie has already made news for Kareena in bikini sharing an intimate scene with Akshay Kumar in truants. Though everyone has seen Bebo is daring attitude in Tashan, designer Akki Narula promised to surprise the audience with

Rahul Mahajan will not marry Monica Bedi

Bigg Boss housemate Rahul Mahajan willingly went out of the Bigg Boss house after taking the responsibility of breaking the rules of running out of the house with other mates. During his stay in the Bigg Boss house, he added spice to the show by romancing Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi simultaneously. Now that Rahul is out, he was caught to speak about politics, Bigg Boss and especially about Monica.

Kareena Kapoor collapses

Ravishing Kareena Kapoor is a busy bee. She is working horribly from dawn to dusk and overwork has affected her health. On Sunday night, Kareena after attending an event at Parel she collapsed at home. Bebo narrated her ill-health, "I am in awful shape right now. I am burning with a 101°C fever. I have a throat infection. After attending the event on Sunday, things became so bad that I collapsed afte

Rakhi Sawant gets a new face

Item girl Rakhi Sawant has completely changed. She has undergone cosmetic surgery and acquired an altogether new look. She looks so different that people failed to recognize her during an event. Unfortunately, her new look is not at all appealing and one would definitely think that she was good in her original look.Rakhi Sawant never hides her secrets. Earlier when she underwent plastic surgery an

November 18

Dirty people try to harm Kangana physically

Though glory is coming Kangana Ranaut’s way splendidly, the sexy actress is going though too much of personal trauma. She gets candid during the promotion of Raaz – The Mystery Continues and evoked what she is going through last couple of months.   During the interview, she made a shocking revelation that she has been surrounded by 'dirty people' who tried to harm her physica

Ash warns Abhi

Though it’s been one year that Aishwarya has been married to Abhishek, till date Ash has not been able to forget that Rani and Abhi once shared some sweet relationship and the duo was supposed to get married. On the wake of those past memories, Ash warned Abhi not to work with Rani anymore and Abhi, like a dedicated husband followed his wife’s advice and turned down a Yashraj flick which stars Ran

Kareena to take Saif on a romantic holiday

Workaholic Kareena Kapoor has been shooting restlessly for couple of months. In relation to her upcoming flicks like 'Kambakht Ishq,' '3 Idiots' and 'Main Aur Mrs. Khanna,' the actress has been traveling around the world and getting no time for family and friends especially for beau Saif Ali Khan. The same is the case for Saiffu dear; he too is shooting non-stop for his home production with Deepika Padukone.

November 17

Monica ignores Salem’s comments

Monica Bedi’s closeness to housemate Rahul Mahajan and her declaration that she is unmarried irked gangster Abu Salem and he had also sent legal notice to her twice during her stay at Big Boss house. Though Monica got evicted from the game show, she said that she has really benefited from it. Speaking about her past and reaction to Salem’s comment, Monica said, "Monica Bedi is out of her past

I miss my home, Katrina

Though she is a hardcore professional and work comes first for her, serene beauty Katrina Kaif does miss her family a lot since she is shooting rigorously without any break for over two months in New York. She is making deliberate effort to wrap her shooting before New Year. "My professional co

Katrina refused to work with Salman's foe

No one can deny this and not even Katrina Kaif that Salman is her 'Godfather'. He is the man who has introduced her to the Hindi film industry. Though Katrina many times claimed that she takes all decision by herself and does not take Salman’s advice, the truth is that the serene beauty does care for his priority. Considering his animosity with Vivek Oberoi, Katrina refused to work with him.

Arjun Rampal works out at SRK's gym

While other actors involve in fighting with one another and making headlines for their rivalry, Arjun Rampal and Shahrukh Khan are exceptional, they are making news for their intimacy. Post Don and Om Shanti Om, Shahrukh and Arjun have become great buddies. Their friendship has set an example for the film industry. They always party together and spend time apart from shooting. Their family also have been bond

November 16

Gracy Singh to perform in Tagore's ballet

Graceful Gracy Singh is back again with Rabindranath Tagore's famous dance ballet Shyama. She will perform the ballet in Kolkata. Exciting Gracy evoked, "Shyama is challenging but at the same time it is extremely exciting. There is so much depth in it." She will set the stage on fire by her acting and dancing on November 16 in Kolkata.Though we have seen a glimpse of her dancing capabili

Katrina's name misused by stranger

Serene beauty Katrina Kaif's name has been misused by an unknown person. The actress does not have any e-mail id by [email protected] but some unidentified have created an id in her name and has been sending unprincipled e-mails to people. Katrina was ignorant about the fact and came to know about this dirty game only when a lady journalist brought the fact into her notice. According to a

Ash-Abhi to live separately from Pa

Ever since Abhi and Ash married, they are living together with Amitabh and Jaya in Jalsa but now the rumor is rife that Abhishek and Aishwarya will move out of the family and live separately. The couple is planning to shift at a flat in Juhu's Pinnacle Dreams which has 7 flats of approximately 2000 sq ft. each. Ash-Abhi are currently busy shooting in deep jungle of Kerala and speculation is that they will tak

Daniel Craig admires Shilpa's body

Really, sexy siren Shilpa Shetty has received lots of international acclamation, first it was Hollywood actor Richard Gere who stamped number of pecks on Shilpa's cheeks followed by her Bigg Brother hullabaloo where Jade Goody threw racist comments on her and the British government stood in Shilpa’s favor. All those incidents have proved wonder for her. She became internationally famous. Now another fav

November 15

Salman weeps while speaking about SRK

Though Shahrukh many times spoke about his spat which took place at Katrina’s birthday bash, Salman has hardly spoken in media. Like King Khan, Salman was also hurt for loosing a close and old friend like him. Salman was uninvited at SRK’s birthday but his family graces the occasion. While speaking to media about the fight, he was in tears. When asked what he thinks about his family pa

November 14

Monica Bedi out of Bigg Boss

Actress Monica Bedi is out of the Bigg Boss house. She and Sayed Zulfi were the nominated members and this Friday, the audience voted in favor of Zulfi and kicked Monica out. Monica was a wild card entrant and this time she got the opportunity to stay in Bigg Boss house for a longer time. During her earlier stay, she had not been able to stay longer and was evicted few weeks after her entrance. Du

Aamir romantically linked with Asin

When you really love someone, you need not have to pretend that you seriously love the person but your eyes, your expression will speak everything and you need not have to take the help of words to speak out your feelings. Perfectionist Aamir Khan exactly wants the same. He will love south sensation Asin in Ghajini and he wants the romance between them to look very realistic. Aamir knows very well that to per

Shilpa Shetty injured

Long legged actress Shilpa Shetty injured her wrist and she did not know when and how she got hurt. When she felt the pain, she did realize that she was injured. Doctors have advised her to take three-months rest. "Either it happened because I was practicing cartwheels for my new action film or it could be because of the wear and tear that happens in weight training," Shilpa said.Despite

Mahek accused director for getting intimate

Nayee Padosan actress Mahek Chahal has walked out of the film Kal Kisne Dekha due to director Vivek Sharma. The actress accused the director for getting cozy with her and sending her absurd SMSs during odd hours. She said that when she did not reply to those messages, he got angry and behaved ridiculously during shooting. He further tortured her on the set by compelling her to wear revealing clothes which she

November 13

Kareena in bikini loving Akshay in trunks

Well what would be the reaction of Saif when he will see his Bebo romancing her male lead in a bikini? Outwardly, he will definitely speak in a professional language but inwardly he will certainly feel the pinching. So Saiffu dear get ready to get a big jerk from Kareena as she is loving stunt hero Akshay Kumar in bikini.Zero size actress Kareena Kapoor started with two piece swimsuit in Tashan. S

Abhi, Ash enjoying togetherness

Shooting in a deep jungle of Kerala is like a second honeymoon for Ash and Abhi. They are enjoying their loneliness, calmness and togetherness to the fullest. It’s being a wonderful time for both. They are having a feeling of U and Me amidst all while shooting for Mani Ratnam’s Ravana in the Malayatoor forest near Kochi. The duo get a little relief from the shooting schedule and currently enjoying

Kajol in Ajay's next

Actor turned director Ajay Devgan is back again with his next directional project after U Me Aur Hum. Earlier also he has directed his wife Kajol and this time also he will direct her. It is not yet known who will play the lead actor. Apparently, Ajay will like to act opposite his wife. The film is getting late for technical perfection. Ajay wants it to be of international standard and for that he is making a

Saif too busy for Bebo

Bollywood hottest couple Saif and Kareena is very busy with their professional life and hardly getting time for each other. There was a time when Saiffu dear accompanied with Kareena wherever she went but now both are busy with their respective films. Kareena is shooting day and night for Mr And Mrs Khanna in Dubai and Saif for his home production directed by Imtiaz Ali with Deepika Padukone.Saif

November 12

Arbaaz Khan dumps wife Malaika for Katrina

Katrina Kaif has many advantages over Malaika Arora Khan. Katrina is the most desirable actor of Bollywood and Malaika has miles to go to reach to the level of Katrina. Casting Katrina brings profit to the filmmakers and no one would like to take the risk by casting Malaika. Arbaaz Khan is venturing into production and wished to cast Katrina in his film but wife Malaika is dead against his decision as she sha

John mesmerizes Bips

Dynamic John Abraham is looking so hot and ravishing in shorts at the Miami beach that girls can't stop praising his fabulous sexy look. With bare body and yellow short, he has taken away the breathe of the gals. John has been typecast as hot and sexy and he totally stands up to that. John's sex appeal is amazing and he can make any girls go weak at her knees. Bipasha is already impressed with John and she fu

Katrina promised a car to Kabir

Utterly gorgeous Katrina Kaif is very particular about her looks in a film. She always wished to awestruck her audience with her glamorous role and look. How meticulous she is to look elegant can be measured from the very fact that she chooses and sometimes designs her own costume. In most of her flicks, she looked up to the mark but the film that disappoin

Shilpa to act in a Chinese film

Though Shilpa Shetty is running short of Bollywood films, her slender look has lured the Chinese filmmakers and she is signed for a Chinese film titled Desire. Shilpa is busy hosting Big Brother and she will sign the movie very soon. She will star opposite actor Xia Yu in the movie and it will be released in both English and Chinese.Shipa confirmed the news but not ready to divulge anything in det

We just love being with each other, Deepika

Beautiful Deepika Padukone graces the cover page of the famous magazine 'Jade'. She is only two films old and already posed for many well-known magazines. Endorsers find her the perfect face for their cover as she is gifted with all ingredients of beauty. Her beauty, style and attitude speak million words. There are many who dies over her personality but she has already chosen her man at the beginning of her

Priyanka to marry in next two years

Glamour doll Priyanka Chopra is at the peak of her career. After performing stupendously in Fashion, she is looking forward with high hopes for her upcoming Dharma Production's flick Dostana starring Abhishek and John. Her personal life is swinging and she has not been able to zero upon someone. Though many a times she has made news for being in love with Harman Baweja, Priyanka never discloses the very fact.

November 11

Rakhi Sawant spilts up with Abhishek

Item girl Rakhi Sawant is outrageous, bold and outspoken. Whether it is professional or personal secrets, she never keeps things under wrap and with least botheration declares to the world about what she is going through in life. There are many times when her life came under the scanner of media but Rakhi remained unperturbed. When she entangled in the entire smooching tale with singer Mika, she deliberately

Kareena, Saif look back one year of togetherness

"I want to get married, I also dream to have kids, I may go to any extent to maintain relationship", all this and many more touchy remarks came from the ravishing Kareena Kapoor. Bebo who has an image of outspoken and commanding attitude off-screen sounds very realistic and very much like a next door gal while speaking her heart to a magazine specially dedicated to her on completion of one year of t

Ash covered with bed-sheet

Ash and Abhi is shooting in deep jungle of Kerala for Mani Ratnam's Ravan. Ash is playing the character of Sita in the flick and to hide her from the world, the cast and the crew is taking much care of Ash. She is covered with blankets or umbrella during changeover and the security staff covers her van with bed sheets. The security is so strict that no one is allowed to loiter around the shooting area. No loc

November 10

Aamir Khan annoys Asin

Aamir Khan is very possessive about his any new releases. He wants to surprise audience with innovative and never leaked out anything earlier. South sensation Asin is making her Bollywood debut with Ghajini and Aamir is maintaining a strict regime over her and restricted her from coming open to the media. Aamir's strict professionalism irks Asin as she wants to interact with the media and come open to the pub

Aishwarya to love Hrithik in Bhansali's next

Volcano erupted when Aishwarya lip-locked Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2. The Bachchan family reacted strongly against the intimate scene and even approached the maker to delete it. But when the film released, the chemistry between Ash and Hrithik well appreciated and latter they became the hot favorite jodi of the cine-buffs. After the success of Jodhaa Akbar, the anger of the Bachchans calmed down and out of joy

Sonam Kapoor ignored

One film old Anil Kapoor's daughter Sonam Kapoor may be the hot favorite in Bollywood but she is is not a popular face in Hollywood. It came to know when she was totally ignored while walking hand in hand with Anil at the London Film Festival where the latter was invited to promote the film Slumdog Millionaire in which he made a guest appearance. A source says, "Anil was supposed to come with his wife bu

Bipasha gets marriage proposal

Undoubtedly, Bipasha Basu is too hot and sexy. Her acting charisma and sexy avatar makes guys fall weak at her knees. Recently, while shooting in Kashmir for Rahul Dholakia's Lamhaa, she has drawn huge crowd and therefore shown her tremendous sex appeal. Wherever the lady goes, the crowd follows and the huge mob distracted the shoot. Regardless of tight security, a cop walked up to her and put forwarded marri

Ajay, Kajol run with the nation

November 9 was not the usual day for actors Ajay Devgan and Kajol. It was a completely different morning for them as instead of packing for the shooting, they were with the huge mass of different caste and creed and different walks of life on the street of Delhi to run for Delhi Half-marathon. They flagged off Senior Citizens' Run in New Delhi on chilly Sunday morning and covered an extra mile. Apart from the

Abhishek not Aamir to play Kishore Kumar

Perfectionist Aamir Khan was in dilemma whether to say yes or say no when he was approached to play the life of legendry singer Kishore Kumar. When the maker of the film failed to get any fruitful answer from Aamir, they changed their choice from Aamir to the talented actor Abhishek Bachchan who has shown his acting charisma in films like Guru, Dhoom 2, Sarkar Raj. After considering some of the bi

November 9

Bipasha in trouble

Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu was all set to break the typical Kashmiri gal's image by portraying archetypal Kashmiri lass in Lamhaa. But all her efforts ended in smoke when some protesters disrupted the shooting of the film regardless of tight security. Though nothing mishap happened, Bips without any information ran away from Kashmir. Without anybody's knowledge, she packed all her luggage and left within 15

Aamir always there for Kiran

Aamir is always there for his dearest wife Kiran and so is she. Kiran Rao is working with all newcomers in her upcoming project titled Dhobi Ghat. Earlier Aamir Khan was not included in the film but later he shot few scenes with new entrant Prateik Babbar. Aamir very often visited the set of Dhobi Ghat but never used to interfere into Kiran’s work. But when Kiran felt the presence of a star in her flick

SRK's wife Gauri admitted to hospital

King Khan's wife Gauri Khan admitted to Lilavati Hospital following stomachache on yesterday afternoon. On Friday night, she was spotted at Farah Khan's Triumph lingerie show and was looking fine but following next morning, her condition detoriated and complained stomach pain and even vomited.Says a source close to Shahrukh, "Though Gauri was fine till Farah's show on Friday night, on Sunday

November 7

Kareena speaks about Saif's ex-wife

Kareena is not in the favor of embarking into a new life by dumping all the past relationships. She wants Saif to maintain a friendly relationship with his ex-wife Amrita Singh throughout. Though she has not met Amrita personally, Bebo holds a high esteem for her and has been a great admirer of her films from her very childhood days. Speaking in an interview, she opens her hearts about Amrita, w

SRK croons for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

This is not the first time that King Khan has landed his voice for any flick. The song that he crooned for Josh is still refreshing in the mind of the people. After 'Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila', SRK croons 'Haule haule se dawa lagti hai' with singer Sukhvinder Singh and newcomer Anuksha Sharma for Yashraj banner, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. It was the idea of director Aditya Chopra that SRK will sing a part

Shahid will always be part of Kareena's life

"Sometimes there are no reasons for things, which happen in life. Even if there is one, I do not think it is right to talk about it openly," this is what Kareena feels about her break-up with Shahid Kapur. Today, Kareena looks upon Shahid as a very good friend who has stood by her side in her good and bad days. She is sorry for not being able to carry forward her relationship with him and blames cir

Bebo hates Ash

To go Hollywood is the dream of any Bollywood actor. But Kareena Kapoor let the opportunity go due to her enemy, Aishwarya Bachchan. Her disliking for Ash started when Abhi replaced Karishma with Aishwarya. Bebo cannot forget and forgive how Ash has taken the place of his sister and is shining bright as Bachchan Bahu and garnering all credits and praises from insiders and outsiders. In regard of the ill-feeli

November 6

Salman is not romantic at all, Katrina

Hey gals, the views that you all are holding from years about Salman that he is too hot and romantic has been put down by his longtime girlfriend Katrina Kaif. She feels Sallu is not at all romantic though he runs around pretty girls and tress. "No! He is not romantic at all. He keeps it all for the screen. I want to go on holidays, but he says it's boring to be alone together. He hates candle-light dinn

SRK showers flower over Sallu

The tussle between Salman and Shahrukh has divided the Bollywood in two camps. News of enmity poured from every side after Salman humiliated Shahrukh at Katrina's birthday bash. While at various occasions, both the guys were asked to speak up about the spat, they partially divulged the issue of the brawl. Recently, speaking to a newspaper, Shahrukh exclaimed about Salman, "He's a wonderful guy, his famil

Bani turns down Balaji's offer

One film old and actress Prachi Desai becomes choosy. Her career is taking shape and she does not want to take any wrong step that would bring her down from the heights. The actor reportedly opted out Mahesh Bhatt camp and her mentor Ekta Kapoor who has offered her the acting platform with Kasamh Se. Prachi accepted that she is out of Mahesh Bhatt's Jashan, "It's true I'm out of Jashan. I rea

Big B remembers late BR Chopra

Legendry actor Amitabh Bachchan is one such actor who has seen the work of ace filmmaker BR Chopra’s minutely and has starred in most of his films. He walked down the memory lane and posted in his blog his experience working with late BR Chopra.  "He was a pillar of the industry. We've lost a stalwart. The core of humanism and social relevance remained with Chopra saab till the end

Abhishek down with high fever in jungle

Junior B who is shooting for Mani Ratnam's 'Ravan' in deep jungle in Kerala is down with high fever. Aishwarya who is also shooting with Abhi is attending him and informed Paa about his ill-health. Amitabh was in Udaipur when he received the news of son Abhi’s sickness and from then he became restless. Bachchan said that he got a doctor to do a conference call and gave instructions on his co

November 5

Shilpa's hand slips off from John's body

Sizzling Shilpa Shetty in skimpy clothes is rocking in the item number of Dostana. She in the Miami Beach is shown romancing two hot dudes, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham and shaking her body to 'Shut Up And Bounce' track. John in bare body, revealing his sexy abs has attracted one and all. On looking at John's masculinity, sexy Shilpa has been unable to resist. But unfortunately, she has to give it a mis

Sallu's sister-in-law is Kat's enemy

All the members of the Khan's family are not in favor of Katrina Kaif. Her embark into new wedded life will not be an easy one as there are enemies present in Salman's family. The news is rife that Salman's sister-in-law Malaika Arora Khan is not very fond of Katrina. She shares a cold vibes with Kat. It has come to know that Salman wished to cast Katrina in brother Arbaaz Khan's maiden production

Abhi makes Ash happy

'Anything for my dearest wife and the most beautiful women of the world' is the call of Abhishek’s heart. Vivacious Aishwarya Bachchan celebrated her 35th birthday debarred of Pa and Maa and the lady felt little disheartened. On looking at her gloomy face, dearest hubby could easily discover that Ash was missing her family utmost; he immediately opened up his gadget and connected Ash to Pa and Maa. Bein

Salman hangs outside SRK's gate

King Khan celebrated his 43rd birthday with his close buddies on Saturday. Wife Gauri made sure that the event ended peacefully and so she had included in the guest lists those who are in the good books of Shahrukh. Obviously, the name that remained cut off from the list is the man who has humiliated Shahrukh during Katrina's birthday bash. It is known to all that Salman and Shahrukh are no more friends and t

Filmmaker BR Chopra is no more

The news of the departure of noted Bollywood filmmaker, Baldev Raj Chopra (BR Chopra) came as a blow for the entire Hindi film industry. He was one among the living legends who laid the foundation stone of Hindi Cinema.  The 94-year producer-director was keeping unwell for quite sometime due to old age related disease. He died on Wednesday morning at 8:15 am at his residence in Mumbai leaving behind his

November 4

Sallu refuses to look into Kat's eyes

The so called bad boy of Bollywood, Salman Khan is a shy lover. He has portrayed many romantic roles in the long tenure of his acting career but hardly one can bring to mind the actor getting deeply involved in any love making scenes with his co-star. Though daring, the handsome hunk feels awkward smooching or making love with his female co-star regardless of sharing a good camaraderie with them. Discard the

When Aamir was moved to tears

When any artist gets acclamation for his fabulous piece of work, he/she feels honored, it boost up his/her confidence level and excites them to offer the audience something innovative next time. Similar is the case of the perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan. The actor turned director had a feeling of admiration during the screening of his film Taare Zameen Par in Seattle for the International Dyslexia Asso

Hrithik, Suzanne off to second honeymoon

Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan is a busy bee and he rarely gets time to spend with his family. After shooting non-stop for his upcoming project, Kites, the actor has decided to spend time exclusively with his wife Suzanne. With this aim in mind, Hrithik took break for few days and headed to French Polynesian Island with wife. The duo had a gala time together chilling out in Bora Bora leaving two sons, Hrehaan

Vansh Bhardwaj slaps Preity Zinta

It was an embarrassing moment for bubbly, chatty Preity Zinta when her co-star Vansh Bhardwaj unknowingly hit her hard while enacting a slap scene. "When we were shooting the film, there was a scene where my co-star had to slap me and, of course, it was a mistake as he took one step forward and actually went smack across my face. It was the most humiliating experience of my life because everyone saw me g

November 3

Imran Khan dating Minissha

The chocolate boy of Bollywood Imran Khan is reportedly dating his Kidnap actress Minissha Lambha. Both were spotted closely connected during the Diwali bash. After spending the evening at Diwali Mela with Minissha, the actor headed to Olive restaurant for a quiet romantic dinner."Imran Khan was driving his much talked about white BMW around with Minissha on Sunday night. Both looked very hap

Payal, Sambhavana back in Bigg Boss

Excitement ceases in Bigg Boss and with an aim to add spice to the show, Payal Rohatgi and Sambhavana Seth has been called in as a wild card entry to play the game again. Payal and Sambhavana are two opposite poles and undoubtedly with their entrance the audience as well as the other housemates will get a tremendous jhatka. Everyone has witnessed how the two love to hate each other and how they threw abusive

Kangana, Adhyanan live together

Shekhar Suman’s son Adhyanan Suman is basking in joy as he has been able to bag role in 'Raaz – The mystery continues,' the sequel to the very successful film ‘Raaz’ (2002), picturized on Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. He has a very important role to play in the film, Adhayan will be seen romancing and in live-in relationship with his co-star Kangana Ranaut. Speaking about

Kareena hurts Saif

May be this is the first time Bebo fails to fulfill the wish of her beau. Saif wants Kareena to perform for charity with the band Parikrama and boost up his confidence but unfortunately the date of the concert collided with the shooting of a television show for the Children's Day presented by Shahrukh Khan's Red Chillies company and due to her early commitment, Kareena has to say no to Chotte Nawab.

John misses his love

Yes, it is true that John Abraham is missing his love ardently but interestingly it is not Bipasha Basu but his close and dearest friend Abhishek Bachchan. Actually John and Abhi came closer during the shooting of Dhoom and back again with Tarun Mansukhani’s Dostana. John and Abhi get along well and set the house on fire while shooting for Dostana. Their friendship further strengthens during the shootin

November 2

Amrita Arora to wed Shakeel in March

After splitting apart from long time Pakistani cricketer boyfriend Usman Afsal, Amita Arora finds the real love in the heart of Shakeel Ladak. The duo has been dating from six months and quite sure of getting into matrimonial bonding. They are ready to make marriage commitments next year in March. Says a source, "Amrita and Shakeel are planning to get married by March 2009. The two families h

Kareena to sell PepsiCo Kurkure

After showing enormous charisma and acting talent in Chemeli, Omkara and Jab We Met the brands endorsers are moving around Kareena Kapoor with promising amount and creative ad to convince her to speak all goody things about their product. After endorsing soap, cosmetics, shampoo, jewelry, the actress is all set to endorse Pepsico's Kurkure.Deepika Warrier, Director - Marketing, PepsiCo India Holdi

Ash celebrates B’day in jungle with hubby

Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has no repentance spending birthday debarred of the rest of the family when her favorite man was near by. Though Ash was in thick jungle on her 35th birthday, the ravishing lady was not at all upset as hubby dear was with her. Abhishek somehow managed to arrive in the morning. An altogether different birthday bash was arranged by Abhishek and the cast and the crew o

Kareena's body makes Aamir go crazy

Another man who is clean bowled by Bebo’s well toned body and really impressed over her dedication to strict regime is the so called perfectionist of Indian cinema, Aamir Khan. In an interview to a news daily the actor exclaimed, "Kareena has a great body. She is a fitness freak and her devotion towards her workouts has definitely made an impact on me."The actor who actually remain

November 1

Bebo will never forgive the Bachchans

The Kapoors and the Bachchans, two celebrated families of Bollywood used to be good buddies in the past. Rift created between them when Karisma Kapoor – Abhishek Bachchan parted away after engagement. Now news is spreading far and wide that the two families are going to dump all the past issues and make an amicable relationship. But Kapoor girl, Kareena Kapoor has strongly denied the rumor and remarked

John is hot and sexy

Not only Bollywood but Hollywood is also impressed with hunky John Abraham’s chiseled physique. He has flaunted his dynamic physique in many of his films and the latest being Dostana. Young girls die over his well-toned body, style and feature; they feel that John has a sizzling sex appeal that can make anyone fall weak in his knees. A poll conducted by the E! News declared John Abraham amongst the 10 s