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October 22

Hrithik Roshan survives a 50-foot fall on the sets of Krrish

If a canopy hadn't come between him and certain death, Hrithik Roshan would have made for a funereal headline today. The near-fatal accident happened on Friday morning when the actor was shooting for his father Raakesh Roshan's 'Krrish' in Singapore. An action shot of him dangling on a wire from a highrise was into its umpteenth retake w

October 17

Saif Ali Khan thrice jinxed with lady directors

It seems Saif Ali Khan’s stars don’t tally with women directors’. Initially, Aparna Sen’s first Hindi film, Gulel, sank after Saif kept her on hold for months, before finally refusing. Then, Zoya Akhtar had to scrap Luck by Chance, when Saif couldn’t make up his mind. Now, a third female director, Sai Paranjpye,

October 13

October 10

October 8

Preity Zinta:

She may have lived-in with Saif Ali Khan in Salaam Namaste, but actress Preity Zinta says she would never do it in real life because she believes in the institution of marriage. Do you believe that a film like Salaam Namaste is in tune with the times? It touches upon a theme that has not been discussed before in Hindi films. It's a new subjec

October 6

Mohit Ahlawat to star in another Ram Gopal Varma film

If you thought Ram Gopal Varma was kidding when he said he believes his latest discovery is true star material, then think again. In spite of the disappointing response to Mohit Ahlawat's debut James, Varma is going ahead with another film featuring his blue-eyed boy. Meant as a quickie to reaffirm his faith in his discovery, Shankar will be la

October 5

Amitabh Bachchan in Bollywood's 'Chandramukhi'

When it comes to remaking the phenomenal hit from Tamil cinema, Chandramukhi, in Hindi, the filmmakers can only think of Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role that Rajnikant played in the original. The new Rajanikant fantasy Chandramukhi (no relation to the Salman Khan dud of the same name!) has already grossed over Rs 700 million acro